Organic Materials | Wooden Jewellery

There is inspiration everywhere to be found in nature. Not only for our designs, but also for all the materials we are using. As we always love to find new organic and raw materials that we can incorporate into our jewellery, our sweet Julia is currently in the Himalayas, seeking for new inspiration and some […]

The Five Love Languages | Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! And while we, at Julia Otilia, strongly believe that you should appreciate and show gratitude to your loved ones every single day, Valentine’s Day can always be seen as a great reminder to do so.  However, have you ever considered that everyone is experiencing and giving love a little differently? […]

Behind the Scenes: The Photo Shoot for Julia Otilia

The countdown has begun! We are counting the days until our new jewellery line will launch. But until then, we are excited to share a sneak peek with you into our lovely studio in charming Utrecht and a look behind the scenes of the photoshoot for our new collection. Continue reading