The Perks of Working in Childrenswear

Back when I was studying fashion at uni, childrenswear had hardly ever been on my radar. I distinctly remember having a series of lectures about all the strict regulations that are imposed on childrenswear along with several garment tech tutorials all about children’s wear safety. But still, at that point, I was more so intrigued […]

Just another Fashion Slave

just another fashion slave turtlely tangled Jenny tam thai thumbnail

The coolest industry in the world, filled with nothing but glitz and glamour. If you know which industry I am referring to, please let me know as I really have no clue. Because this is certainly not the fashion industry. Or at least, not all of it. Fashion, to me, is a powerful way of […]

Organic Materials | Wooden Jewellery

There is inspiration everywhere to be found in nature. Not only for our designs, but also for all the materials we are using. As we always love to find new organic and raw materials that we can incorporate into our jewellery, our sweet Julia is currently in the Himalayas, seeking for new inspiration and some […]

Behind the Scenes: The Photo Shoot for Julia Otilia

The countdown has begun! We are counting the days until our new jewellery line will launch. But until then, we are excited to share a sneak peek with you into our lovely studio in charming Utrecht and a look behind the scenes of the photoshoot for our new collection. Continue reading

Sustainability and Fashion

“I don’t think that fashion can ever be sustainable.” This is just one of many quotes I have collected while writing my research report about the compatibility of sustainability and luxury. As a millennial myself, it made sense to reach out and concentrate on ‘my generation’ that supposedly is very concerned about sustainable practices. But what exactly […]