The Inspiration Series #1: Copenhagen

The Inspiration Series

Welcome to the first edition of my Inspiration Series, where I am trying to capture certain moods, thoughts, and ideas throughout my creative journey. After religiously reading Liz Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’ and listening to myriad creativity podcasts, I am convinced that inspiration is awaiting to be found everywhere – as long as you keep all your senses open. The challenge I have set myself is to go out into the world and find that inspiration and capture my understanding of it as well as I can.

The Mood

Strolling around the city with a camera and warm jacket. Scarf and gloves are more a necessity than an accessory. You shiver as you walk along the canal, craving a warm beverage to hold between your hands and warm up your body. The wind is howling as you take off your gloves to capture the beautiful canal houses. Vivid, colourful, playful. Creating a beautiful contrast to the dark winter sky. You carry on walking, holding on tightly to your many layers as bikes are passing you, one by one. You spin around to admire the architecture and bridges. Everything is just so perfectly creative, impressive, out of the box.

The Design Museum

Chairs. Chairs everywhere. Big, small, bright, cushy, crooked, minimalistic. But the biggest question of them all: are they comfy? It’s quite the irony, walking around all day, being in a building with an abundance of chairs, yet, you are not allowed to rest your tired feet. Until you finally find the dedicated try-out chairs section. All of sudden, a couple of chairs can turn into a little playground. Different heights, lengths, materials, colours. But at the end, after you’ve had your fun trying everything out, you don’t return back to the prettiest or most interesting one. You go back to the most comfortable one. And that’s where you intend to stay. Because that’s where we feel we can rest, where we have trust, where we feel we belong. I guess that’s true for chairs as much as for shoes, clothing, homes, and people.

Tivoli Gardens

A winter wonderland, where ever you turn. Snow, ice, all glistening in its white beauty. Little children running around, screaming with joy during the rides. Contagious. It isn’t long until you are full of joy yourself. Wandering through the gardens, curiously and light-hearted. It is one of those places where time is just passing in the blink of an eye. Before you know, the sun is setting. Beautiful lights are surrounding you, making everything as mysterious as enchanting. There is no other thing to do but smile. You are breathing in deeply as you are leaving the park, looking forward to warming yourself up with a delightful cup of tea, content about the way you’ve spent your past hours. You could have stayed in, get comfy, and put on a movie. But instead, you’ve decided to brace the cold, explore, and allow your mind to captivate the new and unknown. We always have a choice on what we let our senses and mind consume. Truth is, inspiration is there, it is out there, and not hiding in our homes. Sometimes, all you need to unleash the unthinkable is a visit to a certain place. You never know if it is the right place until you’ve been there. After all, these gardens were the one place to inspire Disney Land.

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